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Pregnancy Treatment

Pregnancy Treatments

Pregnancy is a sacred time of grace for a woman, a time when her heart and soul is open and receptive and very sensitive.

Pregnancy is also a time of receiving love and of nurturing peace and stillness. Balance is essential for the developing baby to feel secure and happy. This is the focus of the pregnancy experiences by ila. During pregnancy the energy and bio-magnetic fields are twice as strong, they are doubled in size. Marma light technique is applied to each marma point to bring a deep peace and bliss.

The oil blend has been created to nourish and nurture safely. Herbal extracts have been added to the argan and rosehip base oil, such as lavender, rose and geranium known for their gentle healing energy. The herbal extracts are prepared with a focused intent of nurturing and supporting a mother to be and her baby.

ila Full Body Scrub with Full Body Massage

£120 (90 min)

ila Full Body Massage

£90 (75 min)

ila Back, Neck & Shoulder Massage

£30 (30 min)
£45 (45 min)