Hyalogy P-effect Essence

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Hyalogy P-effect Essence


Strong anti-ageing serum for intense and deep hydration. When used regularly, skin resilience and elasticity are significantly increased and the depth of wrinkles are reduced.

This patented initivative product launched by Forlled in 2004

Patented low-molecular ionized hyaluronic acid lies at the heart of the serum. It penetrates through the basal membrane and generates moisture reserves in deep layers of the skin. Hyaluronic acid also boosts the efficiency of active ingredients and helps increase the skin's natural defenses.  Bio-membrane stimulates the activity of fibroblasts and so strengthens the dermal matrix by having an anti-inflammatory effect. Pearl proteins saturate the skin with amino acids and ionized minerals to regulate metabolic processes and strengthen the skin's structure.

Skin type
All skin types especially mature.
Post cosmetic peels & dermabrasive treatments.
Post reconstructive surgery.
Fine lines and wrinkles.
Lifting and firming.

Active ingredients

Low molecular hyaluronic acid, pearl protein, calcium and magnesium.

Method of application:
Combines well with platinum lotion or refining lotion.  Apply 1-2ml of lotion to moist facial skin including the eyelids, neck and décolleté. Help it become absorbed with light patting. 

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