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In their own words ...

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Extracts from our guest book:


"Saj, my first ever wax and I will definitely be coming back for more. Thank you, you are wonderful Lesley"

"Saj, as I said after the treatment, if a wax could be good - that was great! It was such an eye opening experience to try the hot wax after all those years of suffering through strip wax! Thanks again and I will certainly be returning, Jennifer."

"Thank you Saj! I never knew a Hollywood wax can be so pleasant and painfree! See you next time! Christina"

"Absolutely fantastic. I've finally found the waxing therapist I've been looking for - amazing brazilian! Thank you so much. I will definitely be seeing you soon! Sian"

"Saj is a waxing legend!! Every hair came out first time!! I could not have asked for a better Service from this lovely lovely lady. I will be back for my massage and can't wait. Thank you so much Saj, Laura."

"Excellent Waxing. First time for a year and was made very comfortable. Will be coming back regulalry. Thank you Saj, Caroline"

"Saj, you are the best 'waxer' I have ever had!, Jenny"

"Thank you Saj! I never knew a Hollywood wax can be so pleasant and painfree! See you next time! Christina"

"Saj, for a first time, I am absolutely overjoyed! Little and no pain will be coming back. Thank you! Grace"

"Another great afternoon's treatment. I feel relaxed and pampered and a little bald in places but I won't go into that. Perfectly painless and great conversation."


"Had a really relaxing 1hr massage, made my back feel great! Thanks, Julie."

"Wonderful massage! Thank you very much Eliza. I feel great now. Louise."

"Saj, my hour and a half treatment was uteer bliss - the best massage I've ever had! I went into my own little world for some much needed relaxation! Thanks so much! Lynda."

"An absolutely perfect massage - just like being in a Spa in the Indian Ocean."

"Wow! one of the best massages I'vw ever had. Your hands are so healing with the amazing heat you give. And the attention to detail makes it such a fantastic experience. Thank You, Anna."

"Of all the places in the world I have had massages - this has without doubt been the best - Thank You!"

"Saj, Thank you so much for the amazing back and foot massage so beautifully finished with a relaxing scalp massage."

"Able to bend my back again! Wonderful treatments as always - and the best massage anywhere!"

"Thank You so much Saj for a magical dayof Saj Massage and Treatments. Those hands are amazing! I felt like a million $, Cilla."

"I had the most fantastic massage ever - the Kundalini one. I felt so much during and I'm another person now, it's been like re-born. I feel happy and full of energy and like 'floating' Thanks!! Simone"


"This is my third facial with Saj. They're really great! I plan to come back next month. Thanks, Danielle"

"Finished my Calmoderm Facial treatments today Loved them all. Very relaxing fell asleep (again). My skin feels fantastic. Can't wait for next treatment. Thank you, Theresa"

"Beautiful! Thank-you so much, I really enjoyed my facial. You have such a beautiful touch and the products are gorgeous. Anna"

"Excellent facial, very relaxing. 2 hours well spent, many thanks."

Eye Treatments

"Off to conquer the world with my lovely brows and lashes! Thank You!"

Manicures & Pedicures

"Excellent pedicure, brilliant therapist = Eliza!!! Jen."

"Today I had a wonderful manicure + pedicure with Eliza. Highly recommended. Val."

"Thank you Eliza for a professional pedicure. I won’t want to wear anything but my flip flops. Cilla."

"Thank you for a lovely mani/pedi with my aunt and 2 cousins. My nails look great. I can’t wait to walk down the aisle with my lovely nails. My aunt is getting married tomorrow and me and my cousins are bridesmaids. We will look great. Thanks! Izzy."

"Saj, A blissful manicure - thank you for your kindness at a time when I really needed it. Kate"

Ambience & Pampering

"I Love coming here - so relaxing, wonderful service, friendly atmosphere!"

"What a fantastic way to spend a birthday! Eton Beauty managed to exceed the high standards I have come to expect from them! Can't wait for next time."

"Saj, another great afternoon's treatment. I feel fully relaxed and pampered. Theresa"

"A touch of heaven on earth. Wonderfully relaxing - thank you."

"I came to connect and relax and it worked wonderfully well thanks to your expert care! Super relaxing and just what I needed - thank you."

"Couldn't have thought of a better way to spend almost 2 hrs! So relaxing I almost slept!"

"Saj Thank you so much for making my birthday so special being able to spend it in this very special calming place. Theresa"

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